LEVELS: Any language you are learning we have a goal for you…..TALKING, READING, WRITING and UNDERSTANDING in each level.

BEGINNER 1 You will be ready to use commons expressions, regular verbs, a few commons irregular verbs in present tense and vocabulary according to your needs.

BEGINNER 2 Are you ready to ask questions? Yes, you are. Here you are able to ask many questions in present tense using all regular and some irregular verbs and having real and basic conversations at typical places like restaurants, at work, banks or schools.

BEGINNER 3 Increase your vocabulary using a different tense like past tense. Use more prepositions in your speech.

INTERMEDIATE 1-2 Confidence improving your new language and practicing other tenses like future and conditional en each language all around a normally conversation.

ADVANCED Confidence and fluency are waiting for you in this level. Sharing articles, seeing movies, telling life histories, playing Spanish games and more fun.

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